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finding the gifts of the healing and hope in the Word of Jesus, Dominican preacher and retreat leader Martin Lott, will open us to reflections on the daily liturgical Scriptures as food for the spiritual journey.
PLACE: Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
DATES: June 26 - July 2, 2018

DESCRIPTION: Retreat with Michael Fish, OSB Cam - Contemplative Ways to Being Michael will lead us in “looking for ways to live from our depths in themidst of our hectic world and busy lives!” Ever-familiar, ever-new, our journey will be enriched and strengthened by revisiting these themes in the contemplative quiet and beauty of Santa Sabina. Fish is a Camaldolese monk and a member of the New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, California.
PLACE: Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
DATES: Oct. 12-14, 2018

DESCRIPTION: Retreat with Ilia Delio, OSF - A Hunger for Wholeness: Soul, Space and Transcendence. In a fragile and fractured world, nature itself persists in its wholeness of being. How did the human community get undone? What can we learn from nature and the story of the cosmos that can set us on a new course of future life? During this contemplative weekend with Franciscan theologian Sr. Ilia Delio, we will focus on the rise of integral consciousness and unified space.
PLACE: Spiritual Ministry Center, San Diego, CA
DATES: Year round

DESCRIPTION: Religious of Sacred Heart offer year-round directed and private retreat, including the 30-day Spiritual Exercises and self-directed sabbaticals. We are one-and-a-half blocks from the ocean in comfortable townhouses with large private rooms and baths. Contact: Spirituality Ministry Center, 4822 Del Mar Ave., San Diego, CA 92017. Phone: (619)224-9444; fax (619)224-1082;
PLACE: Manna House of Prayer, Concordia, KS