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...tiful grounds where she once walked. The eighth American saint, her story of faith, courage, and love continues to inspire many. Contact Sister Jan Craven at: or (812) 535-2925.



DATES: July 1-August 2, 2019
PLACE: Mercy Center Inc., Colorado Springs, CO
DESCRIPTION: Spiritual Directors Training/Renewal Program (39 CEUs available) Spiritual direction involves a process of God and self-revelation to another person. God is to be met in all circumstances of life. Spiritual direction deals with a person’s relationship with God and the ramifications in life of this relationship and the conversion process. The director helps the directee to note and interpret the significant movements, counter movements, and changes in his or her inner daily experiences. The director also helps the directee to move with and act upon the experiences of consolation and to endure with patience the unavoidable experiences of desolation. The summer institute is an opportunity to learn, develop and renew skills necessary to practice the art of spiritual direction. The institute is designed to examine various methodologies such as Myers-Briggs, enneagram, dreams and Mandala and integrate them as tools for spiritual direction. The experiential sessions combine lecture, peer supervision and role/real play. Dreams, Archetypes, Mandala Art Expressions and Assessment, Compulsions and Vices and Family and Church System Dysfunctions and Addictions and Recovery Mandala Exploration/Integration: Personal and Professional Assessment. E-mail: or Call (719) 633-2302

DATES: July 1-August 2, 2019
PLACE: Mercy Center Inc., Colorado Springs, CO
DESCRIPTION: Year Round Vitality: Intensive Personal Growth Program. The Vitality program includes quality in-depth experiential and integrative work for men and women who seek healing from poor self esteem, ministry burn-out, grief and loss, life and ministry transition, psycho-sexual immaturity, the father wound, the mother wound and psycho-social impairment, recovery from dysfunctional family and community systems and healing victims of violence and adult children of trauma. The Vitality program is designed for both individual and group participation and offers a prayerful environment for those who seek personal discernment, healing and direction. Who Can Benefit? Our most recent participants have been men and women religious, priests, seminarians and laity of all ages from around the country with varied backgrounds and training. The one most common factor is their desire for an in-depth and intensive therapeutic experience that prepares them for active ministry and equips them with mature life skills for “living life to the full.” (Jn10:10) Many participants have come to heal their father wound which has left them unable to establish boundaries, maintain healthy relationships, manage and contain personal life choices, work well with authority, procrastinate and self-sabotage. Others have come to heal their mother wound that may has left them with emotional paralysis, frozen feelings or enmeshment, disaffected with body image, fear of sexuality and sensuality or an inability to relate to self, God and others. E-mail: or Call (719) 633-2302



PLACE: Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson AZ
DATES: May 24-26, 2019
DESCRIPTION: Weaving the Wisdom of the Mystics into our Daily Lives: A Silent Retreat led by Mirabi Starr and James Finley at the beautiful and restful Redemptorist Renewal Center. During this weekend James Finley (video streaming) along with Mirabai Starr will focus on the women mystics and how to cultivate a mystical life and navigate a mystical journey. For more information call 1-800 324-8305. Or to access brochure and or to register,


PLACE: Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA
DATES: Summer 2019
DESCRIPTION: Mercy Center Burlingame is an internationally known conference and retreat center sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, located near San Francisco, California. We provide a peaceful environment for people of diverse faiths and backgrounds to nourish their spiritual and professional lives. This summer we are offering a Supervision Practicum for spiritual directors, a retreat by Fr. Michael Fish, and an Introductory Wisdom School retreat. Learn more about contemplative retreats and formation programs at:

PLACE: San Damiano Retreat, Danville, CA
DATES: Summer 2019
DESCRIPTION: June 2-7: “To Be or Not To Be a Mystic: That is the Question” (Silent Retreat) with Sr. Ishpriya, RSCJ | June 16-21: “Poetry and Scripture: Radical Hope” Women Religious Retreat with Sr. Patricia Bruno, OP | July 22-27: 5-Day Silent Contemplative Retreat with Sr. Celeste Crine, OSF and Fr. Rusty Shaughnessy, OFM. San Damiano is nestled in the hills, 30 miles from San Francisco. Explore our peaceful 55-acres of gardens, fountains, hiking trails, and views. We offer private retreats and space to host your own retreat. Visit: or call (925) 837-9141.

PLACE: Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
DATES: August 7-11, 2019
DESCRIPTION: A five-day retreat with poet-philosopher Mark Nebo - “The One Life We’re Given: Finding the...