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...DATES: Year Round
DESCRIPTION: Vitality: Intensive Personal Growth Program. The Vitality program includes quality in-depth experiential and integrative work for men and women who seek healing from poor self esteem, ministry burn-out, grief and loss, life and ministry transition, psycho-sexual immaturity, the father wound, the mother wound and psycho-social impairment, recovery from dysfunctional family and community systems and healing victims of violence and adult children of trauma. The Vitality program is designed for both individual and group participation and offers a prayerful environment for those who seek personal discernment, healing and direction. Who Can Benefit? Our most recent participants have been men and women religious, priests, seminarians and laity of all ages from around the country with varied backgrounds and training. The one most common factor is their desire for an in-depth and intensive therapeutic experience that prepares them for active ministry and equips them with mature life skills for “living life to the full.” (Jn10:10) Many participants have come to heal their father wound which has left them unable to establish boundaries, maintain healthy relationships, manage and contain personal life choices, work well with authority, procrastinate and self-sabotage. Others have come to heal their mother wound that may has left them with emotional paralysis, frozen feelings or enmeshment, disaffected with body image, fear of sexuality and sensuality or an inability to relate to self, God and others. Contact: e-mail or call (719) 633-2302



PLACE: Mercy Center Burlingame, Burlingame, CA
DATES: Summer-Fall, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Mercy Center Burlingame is an internationally known conference and retreat center sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, located near San Francisco, California. We provide a peaceful environment for people of diverse faiths and backgrounds to nourish their spiritual and professional lives. This summer we are offering a retreat with Mirabai Starr, East-West meditation retreats, and new sessions of our spiritual direction formation programs. Learn more about contemplative retreats and formation programs at

PLACE: Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
DATES: May 28-31, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Grace Abounds — Exploring Our Own Spiritual Narrative. Retreat with Patricia Bruno, OP. Grace abounds when we take the time to listen. What decisions, unexpected choices, joys and surrenders have deepened our faith and brought us to our contemporary religious practices. Using scripture, contemporary writings, poetry and journaling, we will discover the moments of grace that have formed us and the Wisdom that enables us to live more fully into our unfolding futures with hope. Join us during this weekend as we each explore our own spiritual narrative.

PLACE: Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
DATES: July 7-12, 2020
DESCRIPTION: “Making All Things New: Becoming a New Creation.” Retreat with Joe Nassal, CPPS. On the journey of faith, a “new creation” is the promise of transformation that comes from God’s generous grace. The call of the gospels is to become a new creation in the Risen Christ. No matter where we are on our journey, God offers the possibility of a new beginning. This week-long contemplative retreat will explore in practical and prayerful ways what it means to become a new creation and to serve with a renewed sense of purpose and passion for life.

PLACE: Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
DATES: August 4-9, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Retreat with Anthony Gittins, CSSp -- “Seek First the Realm of God”. In the silence of six contemplative days together we will explore the meaning and critical importance of Christian Spirituality, revisiting such fundamental aspects of our spirituality as hope, imagination, conversion, Eucharist and the call to grow in age and wisdom. Join us for this opportunity to explore and renew ourselves afresh in the core of the Christian tradition with a master teacher and theologian.

PLACE: Spiritual Ministry Center, San Diego, CA
DATES: Year round
DESCRIPTION: Religious of the Sacred Heart offer year-round directed and private retreats, including the 30-day Spiritual Exercises and self-directed sabbaticals. We are one-and-a-half blocks from the ocean in comfortable townhouses with large private rooms and baths. Contact: Spirituality Ministry Center, 4822 Del Mar Avenue, San Diego, CA 92017. Phone: (619) 224-9444; email:


PLACE: Cenacle Retreat and Conference Center, Chicago, IL
DATES: May 22-24, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Celtic Retreat, “Boundless: A Vision of the Sacred in All Things” with internationally acclaimed John Philip Newell! The Celtic world remembers John the Beloved hearing the heartbeat of God; he became a symbol for the practice of listening deep within ourselves and one another. Explore Celtic wisdom traditions of humanity, listening to the Sacred of each moment. Expand vision, deepen spiritual practice, nurture reflective community, and enable action for change. Visit or (773) 528-6300.

PLACE: The Well Spirituality Center, LaGrange Park, IL
DATES: Summer 2020
DESCRIPTION: Summer Retreats: June 22-26, Diarmuid O’Murchu, “Expansive Horizons of Faith in the 21st Century”—the integration of science, evolution and cosmology is redefining the meaning of faith. June 26-27, O’Murchu and Elizabeth-Anne Stewart, “Summer Institute: Expansive Horizons of Faith”—in a world becoming ever more global, the divine lure of our time is becoming ever more expansive. July 12-17, Directed Retreat—Pat Bergen, CSJ and Well staff provide daily spiritual direction, evening prayer and sharing of the heart. August 2-7, Mark Burrows, “The Sense of Wonder”—mystery shimmers in the ordinary. Call us at (708) 482-5048 or visit our website at for more details.


PLACE: Manna House of Prayer, Concordia, KS
DATES: July 26-August 1, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Disciples of Intercul...