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...Community of Faith. This year’s institute examines ways in which human beings become aware of their need for salvation, with emphasis on the diversity of the church. How does the diversity of the church contribute to our experience of salvation in history? How does the community of faith mediate salvation in the world? This weekend will draw on Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium. Presenter: Nancy Pineda-Madrid, Ph.D. Information: (785) 243-4428 or email:


PLACE: The Oratory Center for Spirituality, Rock Hill, SC
DATES: July 15-20, 2018
DESCRIPTION: Summer Bible Institute. Presenters: Old Testament: Fr. Garrett Galvin, ofm. Topic: A Franciscan View of Kings. New Testament: Fr. George Smiga. Topic: Surprise, Shock and Gospel: The Parables of Jesus. Morning and Evening sessions. Rooms with meals available. Both courses: $175; single course: $90. $20/session. Room and Board: $250. All facilities air-conditioned. CEUs available. Write: Summer Bible Institute. The Oratory, PO Box 11586, Rock Hill, SC 29731-1586. Email:



PLACE: Shrine of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN
DATES: Year round
DESCRIPTION: The Sisters of Providence welcome individuals and groups to Saint Mary-of-the-Woods to deepen their faith and spend time in prayerful contemplation. Pilgrims can renew their spirit at the Shrine of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin and other sacred spaces. They can also wander through the beautiful grounds where she once walked. The eighth American saint, her story of faith, courage, and love continues to inspire many. Contact Sister Jan Craven at or (812)535-2925.



PLACE: Mercy Center, Colorado Springs, CO
DATES: July 2- Aug. 3, 2018
DESCRIPTION: Spiritual Directors Training/Renewal Program (39 CEUs available) Spiritual direction involves a process of God and self-revelation to another person. God is to be met in all circumstances of life. Spiritual direction deals with a person’s relationship with God and the ramifications in life of this relationship and the conversion
process. The director helps the directee to note and interpret the significant movements, counter movements, and changes in his or her inner daily experiences. The director
also helps the directee to move with and act upon the experiences of consolation and to endure with patience the unavoidable experiences of desolation. The summer institute is an opportunity to learn, develop and renew skills necessary to practice the art of spiritual direction. The institute is designed to examine various methodologies such as Myers-Briggs, enneagram, dreams and Mandala and integrate them as tools for spiritual direction. The experiential sessions combine lecture, peer supervision and role/real play. Dreams, Archetypes, Mandala Art Expressions and Assessment, Compulsions and Vices and Family and Church System Dysfunctions and Addictions and Recovery
Mandala Exploration/Integration: Personal and Professional Assessment. email: or call (719)633-2302.

PLACE: Mercy Center, Colorado
Springs, CO
DATES: Year round
DESCRIPTION: Year Round Vitality: Intensive Personal Growth Program-The Vitality program includes quality in-depth experiential and integrative work for men and women who seek healing from poor self esteem, min-...